• Breathing is always natural, through the nose, into the abdomen – unless specified otherwise
  • Tongue naturally rests on the upper palate above the upper teeth, with the teeth lightly closed
  • Comfortable, loose clothing, and flat-soled, supportive shoes are recommended
  • Don’t mix the exercises – the instructions are specific for a reason. If you have experience in other methods/systems that you wish to continue, it’s highly recommended that you practice those at separate times
  • It’s expected that students practice the lessons taught in class at least 3-5 times per week. Of course life doesn’t always go as planned and exceptions must sometimes be made, but for real change and development, every effort should be made to get on a regular daily routine.

Rules and Etiquette

  • Partner drills: be respectful and cooperative with your partner. Unless specified otherwise, the goal in the drills is to help your partner succeed in applying the correct principles, not to compete with or sabotage them
  • Please put cell phones on silent unless you have an urgent situation that you’ve communicated with me first
  • Video/Image/Audio recording is not allowed unless express permission is given beforehand

Payment, Refund and Cancelation Policy

  • Payment is due on the first class of the month
  • No partial month payments unless arranged with me in advance
  • No refunds on missed classes or the annual membership fee
  • You can cancel your enrollment at any time for any reason, please contact me to let me know
  • I reserve the right to cancel a students enrollment at any time for any reason